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Published: January 31, 2020

Treatment Planning: Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping is a tool to organize your thoughts and goals for any project. As a therapeutic tool, I utilize it in treatment planning with clients and as a way to reduce symptoms of anxiety. We are going into February and for many of us our “resolutions” or “goals” for the year have long been forgotten about. The beautiful thing about goals is that they don’t have to start at the New Year. Defining one’s goals can be overwhelming, especially for someone who experiences anxiety. I have found mind mapping very helpful for both my clients and myself.
During therapy, I have my client write the year or project in the center and from the center draw lines to general goals, themes, or ideas. Some example themes could be: health, finances, career, family, relationships, etc. From each of these general themes, we discuss and write several more detailed goals. We continue to develop our thought process by breaking each sub-idea into detailed smaller steps. It becomes a beautiful and inspiring spider-web of idea’s, goals and resolutions. Finally, the client can choose a few goals that are a priority and highlight them. It is important to help the client understand that attempting to take on all of the goals at once may increase anxiety and hinder their progress. Mind mapping is a great interactive tool to use with clients and can be an ice-breaker for more reserved or guarded clients. Client’s often take their mind map home and continue to develop it. It can drive treatment and be a wonderful tool in treatment planning. Always remind yourself and client’s that goals can be refreshed at any time and failure to reach goals does not equate lack of success. Failure is part of success not the opposite of it.

I am including a picture of a general mind map. Enjoy and have fun.

Photo taken from mindmapping.com

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