Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a great way to develop personal goals and address issues that are holding you back from the progress you would like to see in your life. We often think that talking to a friend will help resolve stress. Though friends are great way to destress, friendships are reciprocal relationships. In a therapeutic relationship, you have someone who is focused 100% on addressing your problems. There is a different kind of relationship that is developed where you are able to express yourself in a private and confidential environment.

Couples Therapy

Couples, Marital or Pre-marital therapy can be extremely important in identifying the issues that can or have arisen in relationships. Often it can be difficult for each member of the couple to express themselves. When this happens arguments and disagreements occur which may eventually lead to unhappiness, sense of lost self or dissolution of the relationship. Couples therapy helps address these communication issues, uncover and reprogram the negative patterns that cause friction, and potentially get the couple back to a place of harmony.

Family Therapy

Family therapy addresses the issues that may be holding the family back from a harmonious place. These issues include but are not limited to: addiction, parenting, stress, anxiety, blended families, divorce, depression. Family therapy gives a voice to each family member and seeks to resolve the negative patterns that keep the members from moving forward.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is utilized as a way for individuals to normalize, learn new information and heal together. Group therapy is beneficial as members can heal with others who may be going through the same issue as them. Group therapy can also be more cost effective for its members than individual therapy.

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A group dedicated to helping those who want to live a healthy lifestyle. Through cognitive behavioral, educational and support methods, we uncover the emotional and other barriers to committing to a healthy lifestyle and develop goals for success.

Growth and Self Esteem Groups

This group explores the challenges and successes in developing self-concept and self -esteem for young women. We use media and literature to uncover society and family expectations of young women. The goal is to develop awareness of negative behaviors and utilize their own individual strengths to combat societal/familial pressures and become their true selves.

Teenage Girls: 9th-12th grade. Middle School: 6th-8th grade.

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