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Welcome to my page and congratulations for the having the courage to potentially experience one of the most rewarding journeys of your life.  I am Kalé Woods, LMFT (85539) a California licensed psychotherapist who specializes in helping clients work through past trauma’s, understanding family history, and finding solution-oriented ways to break barriers to progress. We go through this process as a team. I help guide my client’s through their journey while they do the work necessary to make long term change. We will begin by setting goals and developing a trusting relationship. Through this relationship it is my belief that together we can accomplish the progress that you wish in therapy, exposing your potentials and strengths and leveraging those in order to have the courage to tackle the negative. I am an integrative therapist and don’t believe that one solution works for all clients. Each client comes to me with a unique history, set of goals and motivation and it is my job as the therapist to assess and meet the client where they are for the most successful outcome.

My Background

 I always knew that I would pursue something in the field of mental health. I remember driving in the car with my father (a psychiatrist) as a child and him asking “What are you thinking.” It annoyed me at the time but knowing others thoughts and how they tick has always been of interest to me. I was born in the Bay Area and moved to Atlanta after high school where I attended Spelman College. This experience developed my acute awareness for the issues that African American women face in society. From Spelman, I attended Mercer University School of Medicine’s Marriage and Family Therapy program.

During my practicum at Mercer University, I worked with individuals, couples, and families. I trained around issues of domestic abuse and ran groups for domestic abusers. I also facilitated workshops for divorced parents, helping them proactively understand the potential impact of divorce on their children. Upon graduation, I moved back to the Bay Area to pursue my licensure hours. I worked for Urban Services YMCA and at Kipp SF Bay Academy. It was at this time that, I helped develop a social emotional group program at Kipp SF Bay Academy. I facilitated groups between teachers and students and saw individual middle school clients and their families. I also worked with youth in the juvenile justice system as a case manager and therapist.

After I was licensed in 2015, I began to work in a group practice. In private practice, I was able to see a variety of different clients with issues including but not limited to: addiction, anxiety, depression, families, couples, worker’s compensation, schizophrenia, adjustment disorders, and abuse. It was here that I ran groups for middle school girls. The diversity of my educational and employment background has led me to my private practice that was opened in 2017. My private practice work focuses on families, couples and individuals with issues including but not limited to substance abuse, anxiety, depression, adjustment disorders, and abuse.

Health and Fitness

Health and fitness is an emotional journey. I know… I have battled with weight and weight loss since I was a young adult. Each story is different, but it wasn’t until I found the right program that I was able to lose the weight and have the motivation to make healthy living a lifestyle change. Through my weight loss journey, I realized that it was much more about emotional healing and having a fit mind, than actually going to the gym and eating right. The body can’t take us anywhere that our mind can’t go. I developed a cognitive behavioral approach to my fitness journey which has helped me continue to stay motivated. My entire mindset has changed. Whether you are in the pre-contemplative, contemplative, or active phases of your weight loss let me help you get your mind fit. My father told me when I was young, “The gym is fitness for your body and therapy is fitness for your mind.”

Therapy has helped me become way more calmer to crazy situations And how to take charge in life


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